Users can use this feature to group similar places together. This is sometimes used if several places share the same brand or venue type.

Feature Description

Often places need to be grouped together for various reasons. They might be part of a brand with a specific look and feel on the front end. They could possibly be sports bars that require a certain set of features. Whatever the reason, there's frequently a need to group places together in this way.

How to manage Groups

From the main dashboard home screen there's a tab named groups, next to the overview tab.

  • Click on the new group button
  • Fill out the name of your group
  • Add places to the group
  • Click create group
  • You'll be asked to add a description
  • Click publish changes

You will be returned to the group listings. From here you can:-

  • Edit a group by simply clicking on the group name
  • Delete a group by click on the three dots on the right of the screen