Key Features

Within the 24social dashboard there are top-level navigation items which form the key feature areas of our product.


Whether it’s Pubs, Nightclubs, Bowling Alleys or Hotels physical locations all share similar traits in terms of data requirements that are useful to your customers. Contact details, address, opening times, social media links are all pieces of basic information which are commonly shared for any physical location that you want your customers to find. We’ve created the easiest way to manage all of this at scale through the places tab. On other Headless CMS systems this would need require set-up time to define these input fields as well as appropriate validation to ensure data is formatted in the way users expect it to be when rendered on a website app or other channel.


We’ve built every input field you might need to create amazing content for your business. By arranging content fields together you can build the necessary fields for editors to then input text and media into. Sitting at the heart of the application, this is an area under constant development and improvement to ensure the tools at your disposal are as intuitive as they should be.


The assets tab allows you to upload, store and manage all of your media files so that they can be used included on various content across the dashboard. With the ability to add folders and edit files themselves, you can easily ensure your media is up to scratch across all touchpoints that it gets used for.


We’re waving so-long to forgotten SSL renewals and bye-bye to tricky domain and re-direct management. With built-in tools to manage pages, monitor performance through built-in analytics and page visually see the status of your websites everything you need to keep your mind at ease is a few clicks away, oh and did we mention, SSL’s are included as part of all websites powered by 24social.


As much as we’d love to do it all, we integrate and partner with some amazing external applications to enhance the user experience of both your dashboard and marketing channels. Think DesignMyNight for table bookings, Fanzo for sporting fixtures, Tenkites for interactive menus and much much more, all able to be connected to your online operations in a few clicks.