Understand the Dashboard Interface

The dashboard has been designed for speed of task completion. We have ensured the interface is clear and intuitive for all users. By understanding the layout of the dashboard, you will be able to navigate swiftly in no time.

1. Navigation

The 24social is the quickest way of getting back to the places overview page. Alongside the logo, you will find the key feature areas of the platform which can all be clicked on to tab to the relevant area you are looking to work in.

2. Search

We’ve created a powerful search that can look through all of your places and content in one go. Once the popup is displayed, start typing and relevant results will automatically populate in the results area below the searchbar. Click on any result to go directly to the relevant place or content.

Tip: Press the / key to bring up the search pop-up no matter where you are in the dashboard. You can also press ESC to close it.

3. Profile Photo

The profile photo display’s your avatar but also acts as a button that can be clicked on to access settings and sign out of your account.

4. Page Information

You will find that no matter where you are on the platform, you will be given context as to what page you are looking at and a description of what to expect on the page. If available, a back button will also appear in this area to take you back a step in the dashboard.

5. Sub-Navigation

Usually, within the main navigation pages, you will encounter sub-navigation. These are fundamentally tabs that show you different content depending on what you click on. The content area below (6) will change according to the active tab.

6. Content Area

The content area is the area where most of your activity will happen. Quite often a table component is used with an action button on the top right.