Understanding the Content Form Editor

1. Content Form Name & ID

The content form naturally needs a name to identify it from the rest of the content forms you create. The content form ID is auto-generated based on what is typed as the content form name and cannot be changed once the content form is saved.

2. Content Fields

Content fields that have been added from the section on the right appear in this list section. Fields can be arranged in the order you need and the configuration button on the right will bring up the options to customize how the field is rendered on a content item.

3. Custom Fields

Clicking on any of these content blocks will add a content field to the content list at the bottom. These fields are organized by types: Short Text, Long Text, Media, Layout and finally Dynamic Fields.

Each content field has the ability to be configured in certain ways. Below is a list of how some content fields can be customised:

Customization Options

All Fields

Helper Text - Adds text just above the form field to give the user more context about what to enter in the field below.

Placeholder - Add text to help the editor know how to format their input by adding text within the field before the user clicks into it.

Is Required? - If active, ensures the editor must fill in this field in order to publish the content. Note: The user will still be able to save the content as draft.

Text, Textarea

Min / Max Characters - Ensures the editor enters either a minimum number of characters into a form field or no more than the number of characters defined in the max field.


Date / Time - Select one or the other to only enable date or time functionality to the editor. Alternatively, select date/time in the dropdown to display both.


Options - Add a number of options that an editor can select from in a dropdown.

Allow Multi-Select - If active, this will allow the editor to select more than one option defined in the options list in the configuration panel.


Multiple Images? - If active, this will allow the editor to upload more than one image. This is useful for carousel features on a website or a gallery page.


Allowed File Types - Select from a list of file types that can be uploaded by the editor.

Multiple Files - If active, this will allow the editor to upload more than one file.


Section Description - This allows the user to edit the descriptive text on the left-hand side of the section.


Select Content Form - Enables the user to define a content form to pull in data so that the editor can choose a content item to link to from another content form.