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Every individual feature to help you along the way


All of your business locations in one easy-to-manage space.

Handle all of your core information

The basic information is what customers primarily need before any visit. Below is a list of default data we house within the system.
Contact Details
Social Media
Food & Drink Menus
Opening + Special Times

Group places together to fit how you reference them

Managing places at scale is tough so we've built a way for you to group places together in any way you like. Group places to create brands, restrict functionality or market to within a certain geolocation.
Add/Remove Places
Group Description
Dynamic Groups (Coming Soon)

Customize functionality per place

Depending on what Apps have been enabled within the organization dashboard, places can override settings to suit their needs.
Turn Apps On/Off
Customize App Functionality


Manage your active websites in one place and easily link places and groups.

Total control of what's live on your website

Push updates directly from linked places and groups directly to your website. Do this all yourself through the dashboard.
Link Groups
Link Places
Domain Management (Coming Soon)


Install apps and allow places to override default organization settings

Enable places to have their individuality

Not every place operates in the same way. By enabling apps at an organisation level, places can then override settings at a place level to suit their needs.
Growing app library
Organization settings
Force setting changes across places