This roadmap is updated on a monthly basis. It explains the different work planned in for the 24social dashboard. This is particularly useful for developers to track what's coming next as well as customers. We'd love to hear your feedback about our long-term plans. Please use the Contact Us page if you would like to tell us what's important to you!


Custom Content Forms

Allowing users to create their own content forms, giving a structure for content input before deciding the configuration for each form field such as max length, file type etc. Content will be able to be pushed out via API to websites and more.


Websites Tab

To give users easier visibility of their website status, analytics, and content in one place.

API Creation

To replace using Firebase SDK to push data from the dashboard and replace with a custom-built API interface that will help with ease of pushing content to multiple channels in the long run.


Stripe Integration

Allowing the business to have the ability to automatically count several aspects of account usage to automatically bill the correct amount on a monthly basis without needing a person involved.

Access Security

Evolving our current security measures for even more protection at the point of sign-in.

Field Groups

Enables a user to click on a field group template such as opening times which will render a pre-built template when editing a content form.

User Roles and Permissions

Introduces a hierarchy for content sharing and access. Once built, users will be tagged with a role allowing them default system permissions such as editing or viewing capabilities. Future improvements will also include the ability to create custom roles for individual organizations.