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Great Photos. More Diners.

We're on a mission to help hospitality businesses create incredibly good content for their websites. Our goal is to assist them in capturing the essence of their venue with beautiful, high-quality imagery that conveys a story. 
May 23, 2023
Great Photos. More Diners.

By taking amazing restaurant shots, capturing the moments, great editing and other great photography tips, we hope to make help your hospitality business stand out from the crowd. 

This Campaign is to guide marketing managers on how to create content for their venue, with tips, how-to's and videos. As well as recommending freelance photographers to selected venues on our platform. 

Key Features of The 'Great Photos. More Diners.' Campaign:

  • Images make up on average 21% of a total webpage’s weight, so to ensure a quick loading time and excellent user experience, you should always optimise photos before uploading them to your site. How to optimise for web (jpeg v png v svg)
  • Take photos like a pro (venue pics, people pics, venue interiors and exteriors, food & drink)
  • The difference it makes (can be the difference between someone booking and not booking)
  • Where or who I can get great photos from (DIY, Freelancers, Stock Photography)
  • Smartphones vs a ‘proper’ camera
The best camera for content creators
  • The best photos to post on social media for engagement
  • How to create jaw-dropping imagery across your website
  • Photography mistakes your making on your Hospitality Website!
  • How to create powerful images that reflect your brand
  • Tips on how to organise your photoshoot
  • How to capture great images on your smartphone
camera background

We want to empower people to showcase their individuality better to help attract and retain customers to their venue! You’ll be amazed by how many customers say they’ll book based on ‘getting a feel' for your venue through the imagery you publish on your website and social media.

We hope this campaign brings you some very valuable tips and tricks to help increase customer engagement and puts more bums on seats!

Follow our #GreatPhotosMoreDiners campaign on LinkedIn and learn how to take powerful images for your hospitality website.


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