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Our content platform built from the ground-up allows you to manage content across multiple venues, brands, domains and channels at scale.
Powering online experiences for the UK's largest pub companies:

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high maintenance.

You deserve better...

...we have better.

Built for hospitality. Ready for your team.

For Marketing Teams

Perfect a content creation routine across your entire business.

Your company needs to maintain a consistent tone and quality with every customer interaction. Use 24social to centrally plan content structures that can be used by venue managers and other internal users to promote your business in the correct way.
For Content Editors

A simple and intuitive way of managing content at scale.

Pre-defined content forms ensure specific content entry requirements such as min/max text length, image size/type and optional.
Content Form Templates
Quickly add content form templates that use best practices to speed up your creation process.
For Developers

Drive your content across web and apps using API from our headless CMS.

We've built a secure API to enable data to pass to front-end websites in no time. Take a look through the API Documentation to see how easy we've made it to fetch any data needed. This makes developing websites easy and fast.

Your company's new shared view for all your place information.

Everything from opening times to contact and location information in an easy-to-manage and access dashboard that everyone in your company can access and update in real-time.
Places Overview
Your places at a glance to know what's published and when it was last updated. Places show up in search so you can quickly find them.
Draft Mode
Getting ready to go live with a new place? It's easy to build up the important information, save as draft, then publish when you're ready to go.
Place Manager Mode
Allow your managers to edit details for their place in a minimalist view. Great for quickly updating customers about opening times or updates.

Create content structures for every use case. Crazy fast.

We've designed both a flexible and user-friendly interface to enable you to create content that's easily and quickly referenced with API's. Power all your website content from our dashboard.
Content Form Builder
Content forms are content templates that are designed by you. Outline the input fields you need and hit create before adding content items that use the defined structure of your form.
Need to promote your business with a landing page or banner? Create a content item, and set an action for it to publish on a certain date and time.
Buckets are a way to organise your content items with related assets. This is especially useful if you are running a campaigns that contain multiple pages, banners and media across multiple touch points.
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Integrate apps within individual content forms to broaden user journeys.

Apps that extend the possibilities of 24social are key to our users. Apps generate widgets, interaction points and more at the right time for your users. We have a growing list of apps from Design My Night to Guestline. As with all content the output of these can be fetched and shown with the right configuration for all of your individual places.

More Features You'll Love

Powerful Search
Search your entire account to quickly locate a specific place, content item, image file and more.
User Roles
Quickly add users to your account and assign them a specific role
Batch Uploading
Quickly import and map any data to your new form fields in the 24social dashboard.
Support & Helpcenter
Our extensive how-to guide and support website will help you get back on track in no time.

Enterprise-level security for everyone.

Invest your time and effort to marketing your business while we take care of making sure you're always online and trading.
Scalable DDoS Mitigation
Automatically detects and blocks malicious attacks to your sites.
Automated Backups
Backups occur every hour and are persisted for 1 month.
HTTPS/SSL by Default
Industry standard encryption by default with the Vercel platform.
Global Resiliency
Prevent downtime with automatic failovers to the nearest region.

We power the UK's largest pub companies.

Over 600 places across the UK are using the 24social platform to have a presence online. We build and maintain long-term relationships.
Customer Success Team

An ongoing relationship to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Management Support

We collaborate with you to support the delivery of your vision.

We work with your dedicated point for contact for your business to deliver updates and improvements to your online websites. We'll take care and manage the workload our creative and technical teams complete ensuring they are always meeting our expected high standards.
Technical Support

Implement your content to your websites in no time.

Our developers can build new templates and front-end features for your content to populate. With an experienced and professional team, we deliver a high quality sites optimised for SEO. We can also build integrations to your website, ensuring they can all be controlled from your account in the CMS.
Creative Support

Ensure your websites stand out from the competition.

We offer support for graphic design and creation, photography, videography as well as manual editing tasks. Our team are experienced in taking a creative brief and delivering to the highest standard for the industry.
Matthew Venables
Stonegate Group
“Both the website and publican channel have had rave reviews from the Ops Team and Recruitment Team and that is squarely down to the magic that you have created. Great to be working with you.”
Chris Hill
Ex. Redcat Pub Company
“We have painlessly launched a series of venue websites giving our customers the information they need whilst communicating our brand values.”

Let's make managing your venues at scale better.