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A ready-to-go headless content platform for pub companies.

Manage content at scale across venues, brands, domains and more.

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Built For Hospitality

Get a competitive edge with our growing-features for your industry.

Bypass Your Agency

Edit content and functionality from one simple, central dashboard.

Do More For Less

Stay within budget with cost-effective subscription pricing.


Control your domains and where content is published with channels.

Channels allow for both an easy way to control your domains, redirects and more from the 24social dashboard and the ability to assign specific content to individual customer touch points.

Manage & Host Domains

Import your domains to benefit from 99.99% uptime.

Set Up Secure Redirects

Move your traffic across your domain with a few clicks.

Assign Places to Channels

Control where your data is published by assigning places.


One single point of truth for your entire business.

Easily import your data onto our platform or easily create, edit and publish new places as they are acquired. Share places with venue managers to ensure data is always up to date with what's happening on-site.

Place Manager Mode

A stripped-back view allowing managers to update info on-site.

Update Trails

See when information was last updated.

Instant Publishing to Multiple Channels

Places data is easily fetched via our powerful API.


Create content models to power any front-end use case.

We've designed both a flexible and user-friendly interface to enable you to create content that's easily and quickly referenced with API's. Power all your website content from our dashboard.

Content Form Builder

Choose from 18 different input types to build a structure.


Decide when content is published. Perfect for recurring yearly events.


Use campaigns to organise any place, content or media to a single folder.


A centralised approach for managing your digital files.

We have created a simple file system allowing you to quickly upload and find your media. Benefit from seeing where the media is used across places and content as well as our filtering options.

File Referencing

See where a file is being used across your content.


Organise your assets tab with drag and drop foldering.

Tagging and Filtering

Quickly add tags to your media enabling you to find it quicker.

Easily integrate with leading hospitality products and apps.

Quickly add apps and integrations to your account in a few clicks.


Security & Data Protection Measures

Scalable DDoS Mitigation

Automatically detects and blocks malicious attacks.

Automated Individual Account Backups

Ensures a daily backup of your data with encryption.

TTPS/SSL Per Domain By Default

Saving you the high cost of SSL.

2-Factor Authentication

Ensures no malicious entries are made to your account.