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New Feature

Tabs Content Block

September 13, 2023

Today we're adding a useful content block to 24social - Tabs! Here's our guidance on using this feature:

  1. Click the [Configure Content Form] on either a place item or a content item
  2. Expand the [Layout] section in the sidebar
  3. Add a [Tab] content block to your form. It will appear by default at the bottom of your form.
  4. Drag your tab - Anything below where you place your tab will be shown in that tab until the next tab content block appears.
  5. Save your content form
  6. See your changes on items within that content form.

📁 Organise with Ease: Group related fields and information under different tabs, making it intuitive and straightforward for editors to navigate through your forms.

🚀 Improved Editor Experience: Say goodbye to form fatigue! Tabs reduce information overload, increasing the rate of data input completion.